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I provide college consulting services for high school students and their families on the entire college application process starting as early as 9th grade. These include the following:

  • Helping students make the most of their high school experience 

  • Building college lists

  • Assisting on all aspects of the college application process

The goal is to find best fits for our students academically and socially no matter the field they wish to study from liberal arts to business, STEM to Performing and Visual Arts. I am knowledgeable on colleges and universities all over the US and world. I guide students into finding the universities and colleges out there that meet their needs, the programs they want, and provide hands-on support through the entire college application process all while minimizing the stress that often can arise for students (and their parents). 



At College Kupp, I help students prepare for their future. I am able to do this through the following: 

  • Learn about the high school student and their parents. Likes, dislikes, dreams, and goals  

  • I help students achieve their goals and work through any challenges  

  • Transcript and Test Scores Evaluation, and whether test scores will even be needed.

  • Review student’s extracurriculars and interests 

  • I provide support in course selection and activities to pursue both during the school year and in the summer as well as any topic related to the college applying process.  This includes helping and applying to summer programs, brainstorming ideas for internships and jobs, and finding clubs and activities they wish to join.  

  • I am available to answer any question they may have.  



As juniors we begin building the College List!  This is one of the most exciting times as students are able to discover everything higher education has to offer!  This process is managed in the following way:

  • I discuss with the student what their needs and wants are for a college, as well as take into account all appropriate data regarding academics, social life, and affordability (I am quite good at helping families find where they can receive merit money). 

  • Creation of an initial list

  • Students are then taught how to research their schools. This way they can truly make the process their own.  

  • I help them plan college trips, and let them know of college events in our area that might be of interest.  

We will take all of junior year to refine this list so that come fall of senior year, the student has a list of colleges they love (or as I often say, a list of “first choices”) and fits them best. 



Completing applications can be daunting so I make it as easy as possible by doing the following:

  • I create a timeline so that students can get their college applications complete as efficiently as possible with a minimum of stress. This involves checking in each week to evaluate where we are in the process.  I am also available to meet for anything the students need such as more advising or essay help.  

  • Application Review which includes all essays to ensure students are submitting their best and most accurate work.

  • Policy dictates that all applications are complete the day before winter break begins so students (and their parents) can enjoy vacation time.  

  • Support continues even after the last application is submitted for any issue that should arise, such as being deferred, or having a problem with a senior class.  And of course, sometimes making the final decision of what college to choose from your acceptances can be difficult, so I am happy to guide the student in picking his or her new home for the next four years.  

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